Since we are an all volunteer organization with limited resources, we can only accept applications for funding from Connecticut families.

Other funding sources to look into for help in covering therapy expenses:

ARCC Grant Program

Each year ARCC accepts grant applications from Connecticut families needing financial assistance to pay for speech therapy services provided to children with apraxia.  The applications are accepted through Decemember 31st of each year and in January the ARCC Board members meet to determine how many grants will be issued and the total dollars ARCC will spend on grants for that calendar year.  In 2011 we issued $15,000 in grants and in 2012 we issued $22,000 in grants.  Grants are made possible by the fundraising activities ARCC sponsors each year, so please consider participating in these events to ensure continuation of the grant program.

If you would like an application you can e-mail us at